Saturday, October 25, 2008


Well Mike, let me tell me from the standpoint of an African American; it's only getting uglier. No one has done their homework on Barack Obama and his doings, and this is going to sink our country. I understand only too well why my folks want to vote for this man, having been mashed down by the history of slavery and racism in this country, which continues. I also understand the very deep and racist reasons whites are supporting this man and planning to vote for him; I call it benign racism, but it's definitely scarier than the more open form practiced by the repugs. The benign racism of all nonwhite Americans says that blacks in this country have gotten all they are going to get, and if we elect a black man this will be the end of our obligations the them, and to the black problem in general. Obama is not of this country, nor did he experience many of the things of those of us who were. Whites do not look at him and see me, someone who might be angry for some of things my people have suffered in this great and wonderful country of ours. They think he is the embodiment of all that blacks should have achieved and to place this man in a higher office will show all us blacks what we can achieve if we simply try harder. Forget all that post slavery racism which was practiced against us. Forget that our true freedom only arrived a mere forty years ago, and yet we have still been halted from achieving the same goals as whites in this country, or even foreign born people arriving here with nothing in their pockets and yet skyrocketing past us. Whites still refuse to believe that racism exist in this country, and at least not to the extent that it once did. I can tell you from my own experiences that this is a lie. Racism is alive and well in this country, and it's practiced by every spectrum of people, from the conservative to the so called progressives who now want to simply ignore the "problem" until they go away. There is enough tragedy here for all of us, whether Obama wins or loses. If he loses it will be proved that blacks aren't good for anything. If he wins the mediocrity of his presidency will also doom us. Either way, it's a lose/lose situation for all of us after eight years of Bush, and having divided the party the way he did it will never be whole again. The sad thing is that I used to believe that blacks and whites needed each other to make this country the great nation that it could be, but that will never happen now. For us as African Americans a new direction is needed and it will have to be found without the help of whites in this country who no longer want to be helpful, but are finally ready to be rid of their "black problem".

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Monday, October 13, 2008


On November 4, 2008, the good lord willing and the creek don't rise, history is going to be made and many of us will go to the polls to vote for the first African American in this country. I no longer have the mixed feelings that I once did for the simple fact that I have made my decision on what to do and am at peace with it. In the beginning I was quite angry with the way things went during the primaries and at the convention, but I've gotten over that. Besides, what good would it do me to hang onto those feelings?

I must say that I never thought I would live to see such a thing in my life time even though during the year that eighteen year olds gained the vote Shirley Chisholm ran. The Rev. Jesse Jackson has run, and during the last election cycle a whole slew of African Americans ran, and then came Barack Obama. Within fifteen seconds of hearing him I made up my mind and I haven't changed it yet. He has proven to be all that I thought he would be, but this isn't going to be a discussion of those feelings. Rather, it's going to be about what I had hoped would be accomplished but hasn't been, and probably won't be.

One of the things I always remember that voting is as much a privilege as well as a right, as well as remembering that since this country was formed and right up through the civil rights movement, people died to protect my right to do so. I also think of people who are unable to vote but might need the services my candidate says they are going to provide for all the people. With the rise of Obama I had thought that finally, here was someone who might put the consideration of reparations for the descendants of slaves on the table. The way he has people eating out of his hand I just knew that he could usher in a better era for African Americans, especially after Katrina, and hadn't we the right to ask for anything?

Reparations. Just the mere mention of the word seems to send some people into a tizzy, almost makes them lose their minds. With Obama's rise we are at a crossroad as far as reparations are concerned, and I already know how he feels about this; something to the effect of not throwing money at people. Strange, considering his background with money, but I'll let that go here. Here's the problem; if you're African American you know the deal with race relations in this country. You know that they're far from all that they could be, very far. But you might also have noticed that white America no longer wants to deal with black America and feels we should have gotten over all that had been done to us by now and should no longer need a handout. I've seen that story and the one of the lazy Negroes sitting on the stoop in one white blog, so it isn't hard to think that much of white America feels this way. But there is one dark problem to not wanting African Americans to have reparations. How will whites feel if Obama is not elected, or worse yet, if his presidency is less than stellar?

I will say that when most people even think of reparations they wonder could such a debt be repaid, which is mildly nice. That really isn't the question because it can never be repaid. The real problem for me is not why blacks are supporting Obama, that's easy enough. The question is, why are whites? Racism. It's as plain and simple as that, and yet they claim that those of us who don't vote for him are the ones who are racist. Of course, as a black person I am not racist. An aunt Thomasina? Hardly. Not wanting to give my support to one who I think isn't qualified to be president isn't being a turncoat against my own race. I think I'm trying to support my race against someone who I don't think has their best interests at heart, if at all. It's as simple as this;

first and foremost, whites are tired of the "black problem". they're tired of supporting us, carrying us, as it were, and they are ready to be rid of us, and what better way than to elect a black man? particularly, this black man. Barack Obama has it all, they think. He is bi-racial, first of all, born of a black man and white woman. He was not born on this continent, nor was he here during one of the most crucial times in our history, the civil rights movement, so that means that he is not an angry black man. His coloring and appearance are just right, nothing threatening there. His background, schooling and post secondary education are just right. He did all the things whites think most blacks should be doing, in spite of the fact that they have poor educations and affirmative action has been practically stamped out for us.

most whites think that with the election of Barack Obama their obligations and guilt over anything they might owe blacks is done with. They no longer wish to feel they owe us anything, and in fact figure that their obligation to us was done with the civil rights act and the death of Dr. King. They want us to stop whining and crying and begging for welfare(the majority of which is received by whites), and most of them don't see anything to our complaints of racism. Once Obama becomes president their obligations to us are essentially over. They will no longer feel the need to extend a helping hand to blacks, thus sinking us further into a hole. I call it the desire for benign racism, although I've already come to the conclusion that this is practiced by most whites today anyway, yes, even liberal whites, actually, them most of all.

I wish I felt differently about Obama but I don't. I don't believe that he is competent enough to be running this country or dealing with foreign politics. At this time I'm having some other thoughts and I'm not even sure he really cares what the people of this country think or want. If Obama really cared then not only would he have had a definite agenda and set policies, he would have taken this time to address the needs of "our" people, once and for all. Just think, a black man is in the driver's seat and we are still without power. Blacks, who are giving this man their votes, have asked nothing for them, have not asked what Obama's plans for the black community as a whole are, how he plans to use his leadership role to help his fellow Americans, as well as the white community, which I'm sure he will serve well. Hope, change, and audacity don't equal education, health care, jobs, decent housing. Just ask the people of Katrina, three years later. That is what our votes are worth, that's why we ask candidates can they pay for our votes, and it's why we look at their records, ask questions, try to listen to all the bs they will try to sell you, trying to discern who should earn the biggest payday of all, your golden vote. I hope everyone gets what they think they are about to pay for, I really do.

Now, I'm going to tell you the truth about how I really feel about Barack Obama. I think this man is going to do greater harm to the African American community than was ever done by any racist in this country. First, he managed to do with precision skill, what he needed to do, and that was convince blacks that the Clintons were the devil incarnate. He played the race card with all the skill he could muster, and as the race continued so he continued to play his race card hand, and both blacks and whites bought into it. No questions asked. The price that we are about to pay for this action is going to be incredibly high, make no mistake about it. If Obama is elected everyone will be satisfied for the moment. If his presidency is as mediocre as I think it will be, even less so, then the back lash on blacks will be enormous. If he is not elected, then we will wind up with four more years of republican rule, something none of us wants. Blacks will sink even further into economic dire straights and neglect because whites are tired of our black asses. Race relations hinge on this election, something no one acknowledges, but believe me, it's there. Read some of the major white blogs out there such as Huffington Post, No Quarter, The Confluence, and quite a few others, and you will catch the tone of how whites feel about this man. Are they racist? That's a kind of shady thing, lol. That is another blog post.

Once Obama had separated black folks from his hated enemy, it was easy. Putting up fingers at women, calling them bitches through the music of the great women haters of hip hop, and beating black people like a drum. All the while promising whites that not only will blacks not become a problem, but that reparations are off the table and possibly dead forever. Think. $12, 000,000,000 lost on a pallet in Iraq. Who's white hands did that money land in? Bush's? Cheney's? Wolfowitz's? $12, 000,000,000 of the people's money lost on a pallet and yet Katrina is still undone? Do you think that Obama could have gone to New Orleans and helped the people in the aftermath of Katrina? Jena? You do know that the CBC(Congressional black caucus) supported Clinton in the beginning don't you? What happened to them? Obama put the knife to them! He found out all their dirty little secrets and then threatened to expose them if they didn't support him. Just ask Charley Wrangell, who's little tax secrets were exposed until he started squealing like a stuck pig for Obama.

There are so many more reasons not to vote for this man, but each individual must make his or his own decision. This is an historic event for all black Americans, especially those of us who are older and never thought to see this day in our lifetimes. I know it can't be passed by for some of us because who knows when we may get the chance again, so I can understand why most of my brothers and sisters are going to cast their votes for him. But I, for one, will not. In all good conscience, I cannot give my vote to this man who I don't think has our best interests at heart. I wish I could feel differently about him, but the truth is that this man scares me, along with his puppet masters, the Chicago machine who is working behind him. This year, I will not be voting for any presidential candidate.

I could have put many links to this thing, but I think it's important that everyone do their own research before voting for the candidate of their choice, so do your homework!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Finally, some fun! Barack Insane Obama is going to hold sway in an erected mini Greek temple! No lie, saw it on the internets, oooh oh, on the internets. This is the man who is going to be our next dictator in chief? What a hoot, what a riot this is going to be. I can't wait to see the field day the rnc is going to have with this mess.

I did find somewhere else that it's supposed to be a replica of the buildings in D.C., but I don't believe it, and even if I did, I wouldn't believe it. That freak was not in this country during the King speech, and as for being any where near the caliber of King - not! What will they call him after tomorrow, prekinggod?

Thursday, August 7, 2008


NYT columnist Bob Herbert is seeing phallic symbols! Mr. Herbert claimed on msnbc's Morning Joe that an ad, done by the McCain campaign showed phallic symbols in the background, the Washington Monument, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the Victory Column, which was behind him as he spoke. These images, along with Britteny and Paris were used in the McCain ad which said that Obama was himself one of the biggest celebs going, right up there along with those two. He claims that at the very beginning of the ad there are phallic symbols, but I can't see them. I have run the thing several times, and while I do see a flash of white, I don't see the phallic symbols. Bob Herbert is seeing things. Being a woman I thought I should be able to see these things, but I didn't. Nothing, nada, zip, zilch. No giant phalluses. Bob Herbert was creeping me out. I mean, this man, a columnist for the NYT was sitting there, with this crazy look on his face going off about seeing these phalluses, and trying to get everyone else to see them too. What was up with that? I mean, I understand the man has drunk a cup of the purple pee, but dang, did he have to embarras himself by going on crazedly about those phalluses he thought he saw? Does he know that now everyone thinks he's crazy? Off his noodle? Out of his mind? I know I do, and I once half way admired the man. If you didn't know he was in the tank for Obama before you do now. Take a look at that video and tell me you don 't think that man is crazy!

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Hey Luda
Are you the new duda
who just got thrown
under the wheels
of the bus known as
Obama express?!
And are you now
incredulous that
the wheels of that
yellow bus are now
treadin' on yo back
with a crack, crack, crack?
Now you're Ludicrous!

Thursday, July 31, 2008


As an African American woman, I am sick and tired of black men calling black women bitches, whores and sluts, and then expecting us to respect them. I have no respect, and I don't appreciate it. This hatred of black women in the lyrics of music for no discernible reason other than earning a dime has got to stop. It is ruining our relationship with black men, our image in society, and the mental health of all of us, including our girls. Think about it. Knowing that you, the owners of the entertainment industry are white, causes me to think of how very racist and hateful you are to promote these kinds of lyrics against women with whom you have not only no relationship, but no knowledge. If the black men who's music you promote thought about it long enough they would know that you care nothing for them either. They would realize just how much you hate them, and probably despise them for writing and singing such lyrics. Do they really believe that you care about them? I've heard it said that you tell you them that if they don't write those types of lyrics against black women that they will soon be gone because those plain lyrics won't sell. The great and wonderful (not) David Banner said as much before a congressional panel. I don't know where or when this fascination with calling black women bitches and other sordid names in song began, but I know it has to stop. Now that ridiculous Ludacris has now called a white woman a bitch, how long do you think it will be before they're calling your wives and daughters bitches? How long after that before your sons begin calling your daughters bitches? Their mothers? We all know that the word bitch is all too often used as an angry, violent epithet, often followed by physical violence. The use of this word against women has got to be stopped and you are the only ones who can do it. You can promote lyrics with positive images. You can let your buyers know that such language cannot be tolerated any longer, and that you will be promoting lyrics with a more positive message, or even better story telling, which is what a song is about. If you can't tell a story without calling names or being hateful, then where is your artistry? Where is your own self respect? Why are men portrayed as great and wonderful human beings while calling women dogs, subhumans? How do you even look at the women in your lives knowing that not only are you a deep racist, but you hate the women of another race and use their men against them? Don't you think it's time you stopped your own racial hatred and the madness?